Sunday 12 June 2016

Life on the Scabious

A very busy day today, the fruits of which will be seen over the next few days when I am back at work in my new Communications role. But to start with, a run.

I always like running on Sundays, because I can listen to whichever comedy show they have on at midday. "The News Quiz" is my favourite, but today was "Just a Minute". This keeps my mind sharp, as I'm always listening out for repetitions.

Middle age is upon me.

So I ran, Radio 4 in my ears, to Beacon Hill Park, to see if I could find any burnet moths with their cartoon curly antennae on the little clumps of scabious that grow there.

There weren't any, but we had a full selection of bees at work. A very tired white tailed bumble, a tree bumble, early bumbles, and several stunning golden carder bees of some species so vivid they looked like they'd been gilded.

Beautiful, and to say it was a grey day that shortly afterwards emptied several clouds on me in a short time, a gratifying sight.


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  1. Lovely shots here Simon, scabious seems to be a favourite amongst the bees. - Tasha

  2. Scabious is a great plant.

  3. Lovely photos, bees are great, sadly not seeing as many as usual up here this year

  4. It's certainly attracting a good number of species.:-)

  5. Thank you all. There's a flower in the park, a very strong smelling purple plant, with mint like leaves, that the bees are raving about even more.

  6. Great selection of species on scabious - its always so popular with bees. Hope you enjoy your new communications role :)