Tuesday 7 June 2016

Bumbling in the Scabious

The sun has now gone in, replaced by thickening grey skies and a clinging humidity, although it has not stopped the local blackbird giving us all a superb performance of song from atop the silver birch tree. Pure tunesmithery alternates with more conversational passages usually finished off with a sharp trill.

That old favourite, the telephone impersonation, also got an airing from among the leafy branches.

Tonight's photographs are from Beacon Hill Nature reserve, where this same little patch of scabious appears every year, and acts as the proverbial magnet for all the local bees, burnet moths and common blue butterflies. Macro shots are such a struggle with a rapidly moving target; the depth of field is virtually non existent focus wise.

But I do my best.

The good news is that all of a sudden, we are getting a great poppy display again, it would appear. More on this in the next few days.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 07.06.16


  1. Yes, the recent sunshine is definitely producing more and more nectar sources for all the insects.

    Re macro images: Unless you can ramp up the shutter speed its probably easier to capture the action from a little further away and then crop a better image. Worth a try?

    1. Thank you Frank, I'm beginning to think supermacro is only good for flowers on a still day!

  2. Those scabious are beautiful - it is not a wild flower we see all that much round here Si.

  3. That's the only patch we seem to have in the whole town!