Wednesday 15 June 2016

A Falcon of Distinction

Kilton Raptor rescue have been in town again, with a new species with them, a lanner falcon in addition to old favourites like the scops owl and the red tailed buzzard.

The discussion on the lanner between myself and the birds' keeper naturally went on to falconry. "In England, we have the sport of idiots," he stated, referring to the football. "In Saudi Arabia, they have the sport of kings."

He then went on to tell me that folk in the middle east are so keen on flying raptors, an entire Airbus was once hired to transport falcons from Iran to Dubai. One falcon was on every seat, presumably enjoying the in flight meals and watching "X-Men Apocalypse" on the screen in front of them.

THe lanner falcon itself is a noble looking bird, somewhere between a kestrel and a peregrine in appearance, and this one loved putting a show on with its wings as the wind blew.

The ferruginous buzzard from the US was there again, with its rather smiley face.

a fiercer looking bird is the obviously named red tailed buzzard.

As ever, the tawnies and the barns come in pairs.

But surely, everyone's favourite is the super cute scops' owl!


  1. Thank you so much! Such grace and power

  2. The scops' owls are always so adorable aren't they? I love their eyes! The tail on the red tailed buzzard is gorgeous too, love that shade of red. Beautiful shots Simon! - Tasha

  3. They are all beautiful but nothing as beautiful as that falcon - such colour and such majesty.

  4. Just popping back across to say thanks for the kind words on my last post Si! - Tasha

  5. These are magnificent birds and it is sad to see them tethered like that.

    1. It is indeed sad, but these are captive birds that have been rescued, they would struggle in the wild.

  6. Thank you all so much for your kind comments!

  7. Lovely photos and what a great opportunity to view these amazing birds up close!

  8. Gorgeous birds! Raptors are very handsome.