Friday 1 December 2017

Trespass Helme Trail Running Shoes

I actually bought these running shoes by accident a week ago in a local Trespass clearance outlet - I actually thought they were lightweight walking shoes, of which I do need a new pair.

Having said that, despite feeling rather stupid, I do need a new pair as my Decathlon traillies have got holes in the micro mesh top, something I always do to running shoes. So I thought today I'd give them a go, hoping my ankle was rested enough.

I've not run for a while.

As it happened, I made a decent enough start, as usual finding trail runners a bit stiff in the soles when running on tarmac. But I'd made a decision to head out to the fields off Grange Road, which were bound to be a bit squidgy after the flurries of sleet and snow we had yesterday, and I found it to be perfectly ok.

However, back on tarmac after 5km my toes began to hurt a bit, perhaps a consequence of the stiff sole but not something I've felt before.

My other worry is the material, when just wearing them in while walking out in the cold, they feel very very cold, as if the mesh is very thin and might give way quite easily. We will see.

As for the scenery, well we had a nice lowering sun, but no winter thrushes in view yet. It was good to run again, even if my fitness is a bit down, but my ankle is sore again tonight.



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  1. Winter thrushes in evidence here. Sorry to hear about your ankle. Hope it’s better soon.

  2. Might be ok for short runs in summer if you remove the insoles. I assume they have insoles. They'd be no good here in winter. Ice everywhere. Runners were walking. I took a trekking pole and wore heavy duty NB trail shoes with goretex. Feet cosy and warm. Mind you they needed a lot of breaking in which I did last winter. Only fault if I walk too far in them they start squeaking. I got them less than half price so can't complain too much.

  3. I'm going to use these for short runs in winter, as a lot of my routes go cross country at times - for summer I have a pair of decathlon road / trail hybrids

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