Saturday 16 December 2017

Thoughts of Flight

It's Saturday, and because it's Saturday I am exhausted.

That seems to be the law these days, a busy week at work with the usual struggle to sleep at night, and then the weekend is spent dozing on the sofa. I did get out of the house - and recorded my 10,000 steps lol - but my Christmas shopping attempt failed, and I was soon asleep on the home again.

I had a brief interlude outside in the garden, and during it the local para-power-glider whatever came over. It's always the same person, weirdly clunky little powered cockpit slung under a bright green parachute like an under-ripe banana, sailing over my part of town for a change.

Normally they fly over the Sconce Park end of town, buzzing like a sickly bee, but today, they graced me with an overflight. And as I watched, I wished instead of being trapped on the ground with this tiredness, and I could just strap on a ripening fruit with a lawnmower engine and take flight, head off into the sky to visit those places I want to.

Imagine gently rasping over the Uffington White Horse or the Rude Man of Cerne? It would be amazing. To buzz the Long Man of Wilmington! Amazing.

Yes I'm a little fixated with antiquarian stuff, I'd love to visit that part of the world. But at the moment I am just too darn tired. Hopefully tomorrow, along walk awaits. I have a route in mind...


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  1. It would be lovely to glide around over all the local landmarks, I get terrible vertigo though, so it probably wouldn't work for me!

  2. Used to have one or two around here in the Summer but didn't see any this year.