Saturday 30 December 2017

The Muddy Road to Kelham

After an aborted start in the morning, I set out on a walk to Kelham just to see what I might see. And frankly, to give you people something relatively new to see.

My poor cricket club is suffering a bit from the wet weather - there are standing water pools on the outfield - and the Trent is very high making me nervous about flooding. Our ground drowns in flood conditions as the water table is so high. My route took me past the club, then over some very very boggy meadows that left my new black walking boots rather brown in colour!

I would have taken in a game of rugby if there was one in progress, but there wasn't. They were all being forced to do boring training by the looks of things.

The walk to Kelham I think highlights one of the problems of the immediate area, and Nottinghamshire in general. It is rather boring, and isn't very pretty. The land is mainly flat and boringly agricultural, and usually very muddy. The footpaths are short cuts across mud between boring things. The main stand outs in the landscape are industrial ones.

Kelham at least is an attractive village, although today I wish that cafe that seemingly used to exist did so. I took photographs, wandered around, then made a mistake by heading for home along the muddiest path imaginable. It only led to the sugar factory as well.

Birds were hiding from the wind today, but I did encounter a lovely charm of goldfinches in a hedgerow, the hazy sun making their gold wing bars really glint as they skittered along as I flushed them.

Tomorrow, another walk awaits. But where?


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 30.12.17


  1. The river level is looking a tad high.
    Your description of the cricket pitch matches the description of my back garden after recent downpours.
    Have a great walking / cycling 2018.

  2. The first image is beautiful. I felt I was actually standing there taking in the view>
    It has rained all day here and my garden sounds like the cricket pitch.
    We have a high water table.

  3. Thank you both, I hope the new year brings you many fine sights of your own