Saturday 9 December 2017

The Most Wasted Building in Town

After my tiring as heck week, I've barely had the energy to move today. Woke up. Fell asleep. Woke up, went shopping. Fell asleep. Went shopping, fell asleep. Bath.

While I was shopping, I did two things of note. One was buying a new pair of Karrimor (actual) walking shoes, as I need something weatherproof for my winter walking, and had a look around the Buttermarket, the high end shopping development.

The shoes are pinching my feet on the top a little bit, and may have to go back which is ridiculous as I am really a size 9 and these are a 10, I've just been trying to bend them in a bit.

The Buttermarket isn't doing much better. Part of the town hall complex, it is actually a wonderful space. But the rents and rates on the premises seem to be so high that at best a few years ago, half the units were filled. Now, less than a quarter still seem to be in use, the popular bookshop has long since relocated, and a lot of the units seem to rotate between candles, computer bits and bobs and novelty T-shorts with none of them lasting more than a year.

Many many years ago, before the building was refurbed, there was a popular indoor market here; I dimly remember it and its stall selling bits of model train sets. Unless my memory is playing tricks with me. That market thrived, and local people continually compare it with the ghostly nature of the current development.

Rumour has it a Primark might be on the way...


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  1. Funny you should comment on this Si. I was chatting to somebody the other day who had been to Newark and said how 'run down' it had become. You always make it sound so thriving a place that I was sorry to hear it.

    1. The second most deprived town in England. Officially. It wears a pretty facade with its town centre - the problems are on the two big estates at either end of town.