Wednesday 13 December 2017

In Rainbows

Thankfully a dry, but slightly warmer start to the day, riding in before the dark clouds rolled in on a westerly and deposited a blatter of sleet upon the roofs of the shivering cars.

Eventually the clothes rolled over far enough to reveal brighter skies, and as it did so, right about when I was struggling to erect a cardboard eco tree that someone had binned by mistake, a vivid if incomplete rainbow sprung up behind the cars, behind the trees, behind the automobilic river of the A17 to Sleaford.

No-one else seemed interested about it apart from me, a beauty ignored by all.



All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 13.12.17


  1. I'd have been interested in your rainbow, Simon - certainly in preference to a cardboard tree. Some folks miss so much, but then I miss lots of exciting TV and films. Apparently.

  2. Always great to see a rainbow. How can one not be impressed?

  3. Where is the rainbow, a pot of gold, have you hidden it?

    1. I wouldn't hide it, I need the pot of gold for myself

  4. Oooof, there are more cars in that pic than I've seen in one place in about a year. And office lighting? I feel sick. I actually had no idea until just now quite how much I really don't miss living in a busy area any more. Glad you noticed the rainbow, and the solstice setting along your local streets (a few posts ahead of this - I'm a time traveller, don't you know...) it all helps keep your humanity in the right place. Great blogging, buddy.