Tuesday 26 December 2017

Got to Burn a Few Calories off!

Boxing day bright and crisp. After a late night sampling rum and listening to Test Match Special, it was good to be active again, atrocious weather having kept me inside on Christmas Day itself. That, and the fact I'd eaten so much I was left like a stranded seal.

So, I was slightly slow out of the blocks this morning, but I was out, chugging along, listening to the radio and taking in the sights as I visited Beacon Hill Park for the first time in a while, clambering through some quite muddy stretches of Clay Lane fields in order to do so.

I didn't really see very much nature wise, but it was enough to be outside and active on a lovely day, a nice two hour walking making me feel slightly better after all that eating, even though I feel I've been quite good this year.

Right, press ups time! Enjoy the time of year folks!


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 26.12.17


  1. I've just seen a news item about some penguins running about in Santa suits. They were having such fun. And the early mist is clearing, and your post here, all combine to give me the push I need to get out and move my legs for a while! The next festival of annual over indulgence will be along soon enough.

    1. I'm still unable to run alas, really feeling it now!

  2. Beautiful pictures, and a long night of a RUM, yummmmmmmmmmmmy.