Thursday 7 December 2017

The Herb Garden in Winter

Presumably because it got planted so late, our little workplace herb garden is still flowering with lavender and some sort of sagey bloom blooming. There's even a weed that has found its way in, with pretty little white flowers. Wonder what it is.

Obviously there are no bees visiting now and it's too cold for even the maddest of red admirals. The weather has now snapped colder again, with snow forecast but thankfully not on a work day, and I fancy there might be some good walking to be had of the weekend.

I might even try a gentle run. There can be no doubt that since my ankle injury I've put weight on, and I'm rather unhappy about that. The fact that food is one of the things that makes me happy doesn't help either. Either way, exercise bikes and walking don't seem to be cutting it.

I promise you, dear ankle, I'll be gentle.


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  1. Can't believe you have so much blooming! How lovely. Nothing here now. Over 100 mph winds on the coast (3 miles away).

  2. Lovely to see flowers still blooming in your herb garden. We have a few here - Cosmos and Calendula the most surprising at this time of year.

  3. THak you both, I hope next spring the seeded wildflower meadow will join them

  4. Lavender blooming in December. How wonderful is that!
    I hope you will have some snow, at least for Christmas. :)

  5. In the middle of December, or just about. Herbs are always there.