Sunday 17 December 2017

Scrap Metal and Me

So, you remember I wrote I was hoping I would be less exhausted today so could get some exercise and walking done? Well, as it turned out, I was even more exhausted today and ended up sleeping for 13 hours, and still feeling whacked after that.

I did manage to get out for a walk round the park and along the river, hoping I might find something interesting to show you. As it turned out, I did, where the Millgate bridge crosses the river, leading to Swan Island.

Someone's obviously been doing a little bit of dredging along this stretch of the river, and underneath the bridge were perched the fruits of their catch. Two bicycles, two shopping trollies, two bicycles, a scooter and various lengths of piping.

The bikes had obviously been stolen and then abandoned - this happens a lot round here - as for the trollies, who knows? Larking teenagers I suppose. Makes me wonder how none of the kids who jump off this bridge in summer have been impaled on some of this metal work and given a fatal dose of tetanus. Or anthrax!

One of the bikes was a Specialized by the looks of things - a rather expensive bit of kit to meet such a fate. The other one was rusted into anonymity, fit only for the knackers yard.

I knew how it felt.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 17.12.17


  1. I'm always astonished by what people will throw into the river and canal

    Hope you feel better soon

  2. Come on now Si - a few days of good Newark air -and the sight of those pretty flowers in the last photograph - and you will be raring to go by Christmas Eve.

  3. I've managed to spend about 4 hours outside today, still tired though!