Tuesday 23 August 2016

Young Willy Wagtails Everywhere

At work, in the park, in the markey square, along the streets.

Juvenile pied wagtails are everywhere at the moment.

I caught these birds down by the posh houses near the marina; fluttering and scrapping, tails bobbing, picking at the grass on the communal lawn. The pictures are a bit dark - fast shutter speed and 400ISO has made them a bit grainy; the birds were a ways off as well.

But it's a while since I snapped a bird, so, I'll take it!



  1. I love wagtails. They're always fun to watch.

  2. Nice to see them. Used to be regulars on the cricket field here.

  3. One of my favourite birds Si - as they nested in our barn we now have young ones around. They come into the yard for the grit I think.

  4. Lovely birds.....I like their movement.
    The juveniles are always so pretty.
    They come to the garden in Autumn which is always good to see.

  5. Thanks for the comments folks, as usual I'm disappointed by these shots.

  6. alot of them here too at the moment