Wednesday 3 August 2016

Evening Trot by the River

Have found myself having "accidental runs" as of late; I go out for a walk, then feel that this just isn't quick enough. Have to stir the blood more; to work up just a little heat; to dissolve the blubber fraction by fraction.

This is a pleasant enough thing to do, just makes me feel like I'm not wasting an evening now I have a little less free time with my new shift pattern. Reading about Microadventures as I have done has kind of reinforced the idea that the 5-9 time is as important as the 9-5 - you've still got 3-4 hours in an evening in which to do stuff.

I don't really like talking about phenomenon like Microadventures, it is very easy to sound pious and like an organic yummy mummy bullshit spouter; a talking artisan spelt loaf of nonsense. But you've read my blog, you know that such a thing would appeal to me.

The idea of buying an inflatable canoe sounded exciting as well, I had visions of paddling one up and down the River Devon until I realised I'd probably be shot to drowning bits with air rifle pellets. But for now, the thought of perhaps heading out for Barnby, spending the evening in the Willow Tree before settling down in a field next to the River Witham.

Yeah right! I think I will do as advised, make my first micro adventure sleeping out in the garden, probably for the Perseid meteor shower. With a little rum in reach of my outdoor bed.


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  1. Lovely images, to be on a narrowboat!

  2. oh I've got similar views around now! lovely place!

  3. Thank you, the river section of the town os gorgeous. It's also full of Pokemon.