Tuesday, 9 August 2016

The Clay Lane Tunnel

Yesterday was a very late afternoon run to hunt for butterflies and try and take pictures of them using cunning manual settings.

Even before I set out, I was doubtful as to how this would work; I managed to set the ISO to 800, but in manual mode you don't seem to be able to use the zoom, and the camera kept asking to set the aperture and I wasn't able to figure out how.

I was just going to leave it at the default of F6.5 so heaven only knows how that would have worked out. A bit dark at 800 ISO?

I never got a chance to find out, as the buddleias in the butterfly park at Beacon Hill Reserve where totally devoid of butterflies. I'd left it too late, and as they afternoon had turned chilly, the flutterers must have turned for home.

It had already been a slightly trying afternoon; in order to run along Clay Lane, I'd suddenly had to run the gauntlet of thistles and nettles 3/4 of the way along in my running shorts, leaving my legs looking like salami. The escape routes off the lane had been blocked with piles of manure, as if a farmer was setting traps for unwary runners.

No doubt, if I'd trod in the wrong places I'd have fallen into a pit of spikes or found myself suspended by my ankle.

The lane looked very mysterious as it was, rendered tunnel like in places by overgrowing vegetation, sunlight dappling through. The urban farm - apparently populated by rescue animals - now seems to have gotten hold of some young highland bulls, it's all getting rather busy down there.

Apart from butterflies. None of those.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 09.08.16


  1. It can be an aggravating time of year - ideal weather for exploring smaller tracks and rights of way but shorts and nettles don't mix well.

  2. Beautiful light there Si.

  3. Doesn't really look the place for running at the moment Si I must say but I love those Highland cattle.

  4. She must have rescued some to go with all the horses!

  5. Love the light playing in these photos, those shots in-between the greenery are lovely! And such cute cattle too. - Tasha

  6. Lovely photos despite the lack of butterflies. I have been disappointed in the fact that our white Buddleia has hardly attracted a butterfly ... up until now, that is. I can't claim it is suddenly awash with wings but it's been great to have a small show of Peacocks and Red Admirals competing with the bees.

  7. Thank you all so much! It was a real hack to get through, I can tell you!

  8. I have noticed that butterflies are in short supply this year.......I have hardly seen any in the garden or walking the lanes.
    Obviously the changing weather does not help.

    Love cattle. They often bring them into the woods nearby to crop the growth so the wildflowers will come through next year.

    Those pathways are definitely narrow.....well done.

  9. Love the light on the photos - sounds like a bit of an obstacle course! Hope you can find out how to change the aperture! If iso 800 seems a bit high try 400.