Monday, 15 August 2016

What's in the Garden?

A lovely afternoon here, which I spent in the park trying to take decent photos messing about with the manual settings - having manual shutter speed is great, but not the fact that it only lets you have have a minimum ISO of 400 in this mode.


Over-exposed shots. Really over-exposed shots.

Otherwise it's been a pottering sort of day, trundling around the garden, noticing a first summer visit by a common darter, photographing the hoverflies and the harlequin ladbybird larvae and pupae on the sycamore leaves. The pupae are a hardly discreet, opting to be bright orange and yellow to avoid being eaten.

As ever in late summer, there are now a lot of wasps around, feeding off the aphid sap. I hope they don't nest in my attic this autumn, wretched things.

In the park, there seems to be a new brood of speckled woods on the wing, being very territorial over their favourite nettle leaf and attacking any butterfly that passes before flying back to their favoured spot.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 15.08.16


  1. Always nice to have a potter around and yours sounds a good one Si! I am not sure if you missed my ID'ing of your 'Yellow' is Evening primrose.

  2. Gosh, I think I did...thanks for that one!

  3. I must say Sithat the colour in some of your photographs is so startling.

  4. Lovely vibrant colours and good to see the insects - always love pottering round the garden seeing what I can find :)

  5. Lovely shot of those bright flowers Si, so pretty! I really like the captures you got of the different insects too. I've been struggling with the over-exposure as well recently, it's just been so sunny! - Tasha

  6. It's nice to find stuff without having to go very far to find it! Thank you all for your kind comments

  7. Great photos! Marigolds are not my favourites, but in your photos they look wonderful.
    This summer we keep reading that you can keep wasps away with (even home-made) fake nests. We will definitely try that next summer.

  8. Thanks for all of the lovely comments Si! - Tasha