Friday 5 August 2016

Evening Reflections

Playing cricket tomorrow and it is going to be so rough. We have only 9 players, most of those are older even than me, and I'm the most athletic. We are playing that Pakistani side who beat us last time, only they are even stronger now.

It will either be a very long afternoon, or a very short one. It depends on who bats first.

So while off running I reflected on all the players who have cried off this weekend and left us in this position. I also reflected on the reflections I saw in the two lakes, a route I haven't run in a fair little while. All the mallards are now deep in eclipse, but there are still a few youngish ducklings about.

As usual, all the tufties have disappeared from the summer. I've never seen a tufted duck chick, and I have no idea where they breed round here. The main plants on view are rosebay willow herb, and its pink cousin who's name I can never remember.

It was a pleasant run, nice to get a good run in of an evening as they begin to draw in a little.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 05.08.16


  1. Maybe they'll be like their more accomplished countrymen - much less impressive second time around.
    Nice reflections.

  2. Lovely photos Simon - looks so peaceful. Good Luck with the cricket! :)

  3. THank you. I can bowl ok, but can't bat for toffee