Sunday 1 April 2018

Blossom Dearie

Today has been cold and thoroughly miserable really, the cloud has been a dirty grey blanket blotting  out the sky all day, and there's been the odd sprinkle of rain. The weather forecast for tonight and tomorrow is even worse.

It might even end up raining space stations.

However, I've felt much more energetic today, and managed to get in a two hour walk and cup of tea this morning, and then a sharp 6km run  in the afternoon in my clementine running jacket.

I then finished off the day by watching Blakes 7 in the bath.

I've been looking at blossom - there's so many different kinds, with the brazen differences in colour, and then even more subtle ones amongst the white flowering trees. The fragrance is powerful too. Sconce and Devon Park has a lovely little orchard full of different kinds.

Still no singing chiff chaffs yet though, which is unusual. I've normally heard one by the end of March.


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  1. Gorgeous blossoms! We're getting more snow. The weather is supposed to be so bad that they've cancelled some flights in advance.

  2. Deep snow here today and still snowing as I write. No blossom to be seen yet.

  3. The blossom is beautiful. Such a wonderful time of year.

    Mo chiff chaffs her either Simon. Probably arriving late this year due to the bad weather.

  4. Thank you all for your lovely comments!

  5. Beautiful blossoms - lovely to see the different types. Blossom is only just starting to appear here.