Tuesday 10 April 2018

The Feline Takeover

I had no idea until the weekend that the Palace Theatre bike shop is  not managed by one cat, but rather by two, who employ an older lady to do the trickier things where only fingers, rather than paws, will do.

Frankly, they don't seem to do any work at all, and frankly I don't blame them. I'd rather sit in the  window and sleep, while getting the adoring attention of passing bloggers, than do any messy, oily, finger trappy work.

Having said that, their employee was sat on the doorstep reading a paper, so I doubt it was all that busy in there.


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  1. How adorable! Our local kitchen showroom is smanaged by a small dog.

  2. Probably just as well that they confine themselves to a supervisory role; cats are rubbish at fixing derailleur gears.

  3. I have never met a cat who has a rotten life. They're not daft and (as my mother would have said 'they know which side their bread's buttered.

  4. Thank you all.I love cats, cats in shops is even better

  5. Cats were born superior to people. Sounds like those two have got their employee sorted :o)