Sunday 8 April 2018

And back to the Cold and Damp

Well, at least I had one nice day out in the open. Today has been a far more typical proposition; cold and damp, and it sucked all the life out me completely, especially after my run yesterday.

Everything today felt achey and sluggish, inside and out. I had a fairly slow trundle to the park for my cup of tea, spotting the painted stones children have been leaving out around town for others to find and record. There's another on the castle wall, and another on the Hawton Holt sign.

There weren't any buzzers or flutters around today, aside from a solitary hairy footed flower bee moving too quickly to photograph, as usual. The bees love the yellow flowers on an ornamental bush by the sheltered housing complex, with its almost fractal arrangement of flowers.

Me, my brain and body felt fractalled  today. I ached all the way through my two hour cricket practice, and all the time since.

Grrrr. I need to be warm!


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  1. I had a similar day yesterday, but no cheery stones. :(

  2. No cheery stones here either today, went walking in the other direction