Saturday 21 April 2018

A Night and Day of Firsts

So, mooching along last night, one guess as to where I was going, I came across my first tiggywinkle of the year on South Parade gardens. Very happy to see it, looked a young sort of hedgehog to me, and although it was keeping very still, it didn't curl up into a ball.

If I were a hedgehog, and was looked at by someone twenty times my height, curling up into a ball would not be the only thing I'd be doing.

Today was another nice day, although it did cloud over and give a few splashes of rain for a short time, and during my mooches around I came across my first speckled wood on some wild garlic. As they say it was fresh out of the packet and in beautiful condition.

It looked quite a pale variation, almost thought it was a wall brown at first.

Lots of other pretties to see of course, and despite not having run anywhere I've walked around 10 miles today, which is pleasing.


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  1. Always good to see a hedgehog. In serious decline, it always gives one hope.

    I havn't seen a speckled wood so far this year. Fingers crossed not to long to wait.

    I love the forget me nots. Always remind me of my Father.