Wednesday 25 April 2018

Farndon Church Run

It's been a four seasons in one day  kind of day, cliche cliche cliche, and in the afternoon I risked a drenching by running out to Farndon to have a look at the church there.

It always looks amazing this time of year, and today was no exception. I'm not talking about the church itself, which always looks a bit new and concretey for some reason, but rather the wildflowers that are allowed to grow unchecked in the small graveyard.

I love them. The pollinators love them.

Sadly because it was cold today, there weren't all that many, but I did find a dinky andrena type bee smothering itself in pollen on a dandelion, and there were plenty of hoverflies around.

I did avoid a drenching, but crickey it was a near thing. There were some nasty skies out there!


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  1. I miss woods full of bluebells. I have three. They flower with bells of an insipid semi-blue.

  2. Poor old church has been rendered, or plastered over with concrete. It preserves the building but not its beauty. Luckily nature has been allowed to flourish and hasn't been concreted over. It was a "day of two halves", wasn't it?

  3. Thank you for your comments! Really appreciate them. Yes it's a bit of a dog's dinner that church

  4. What a super churchyard - I do so love it when nature is encouraged to thrive in such places. I could spend hours there.