Monday 9 April 2018

A Wildflower Compendium

I was hoping to bring you a lovely collection of insect shots today, as the temperature was noticeably warmer today. But apart from a brief sunny interval when I was sat  in the library gardens and  suddenly the insects appeared in numbers, including my first  tree bumblebee of the spring, insects weren't around in large numbers.

A few queen buff bumbles and hairy footed flower bees were about, but none wanted to settle again, and there were no butterflies to be seen.

What I was able to have was a lovely two hour urban walk, listening to Radio 6 as I love, and photographing the various new species of wildflower that have emerged in the past week; forget me nots are now starting to appear and I was happy to see an early cowslip too.

Of course I ended up taking loads of pictures. Why not?


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 09.04.18


  1. What a super collection of images of beautiful Spring flowers.

  2. A lovely variety of flowers, Si. Violets seem to be doing well this year. Yet to see a HFF bee yet here.

  3. Si, everything is so much further on than up here - wonderful Spring flowers. I have however noticed an increase in the insects around - a good sign in spite of yet another pouring wet day today.

  4. There's some lovely little violet patches by the Blue Lake. So glad of your kind comments

  5. Lovely flowers, you're well ahead of us!