Saturday 14 April 2018

Bee Flies and Butterflies

Well, as promised we have had a lovely day today, and I've been out walking and running in it. Hooray!

As I hoped, the spring nature put on a show for me as I walked to and around Sconce Park; I hadn't gone very far before I noticed a bee-fly nectaring off a dandelion. The spindly legs of these insects, and dragonflies too, amaze me. I know insects barely have any weight at all, but these hair thin appendages spindling about don't look like they could support the weight of a bacteria.

I saw a great tit nesting in a hole in a tree by the park entrance, and then in the park itself I saw a territorial fight between two male blackcaps surrounded by blossom.

I couldn't get a photograph, but it was a great little event to watch. The noises they made, harsh electronic sounding chacking, was a total contrast to their normal fluting song.

Honey and hairy footed flower bees, and big bumbles were on the yellow shrub I  checked out before. But on the one in the library gardens, a beautiful small tortoiseshell was sat on a flower, quiet and happy to pose for me.

And  the weather is due to get warmer, and I have the time to enjoy it!


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 14.04.18


  1. A lovely collection of photos. I saw a bee fly here yesterday too, and some andrena bees. Also heard the cuckoo. So pleased you saw the small tort. We don’t get many here.

  2. Super photos, Simon. I saw a few Brimstone butterflies today but they were extremely uncooperative about posing.

  3. Nice photos good to see the insects back.

  4. Thank you all it is good to be out spotting new life again