Sunday 15 April 2018

Solitary Bees on the Loose

Today we have had a dull day with a little rain at times, but pleasant enough temperatures. Due to having cricket practice in the afternoon I haven't done a lot of outdoors stuff today. But, I did have a bit of a bimble around Friary Gardens where I was just able to get a couple of not very good pictures of a fast moving hairy footed flower bee.

They really do shift about! To get a photograph is more luck then judgement.

It's the queen bumbles that are in action at the moment, the two species I've seen being buff tails and tree bumbles. Honey bees were about today, and also some species or other of mining bee; not tawny mining bees as too small.

This species was rather less camera shy and I was able to get a couple of pictures.

Let's see what we see as temperatures rise.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 15.04.18


  1. As usual Si, exceptional photographs = super view of a bee in the last one.

  2. Agreed. Lovely photos especially the last.

  3. Great bee photos!
    I assisted a queen bee recently. She was out, crawling very slowly on a chilly day. I left her alone but she was still there the next morning. Did some investigating and managed to move her into the greenhouse for warmth. She seemed to appreciate the flowers we've got in there. I put the usual sugar/water down too and left her for another night. To my joy she was up and buzzing the next day - I really thought she'd die as she looked so bedraggled - seems they can't fly properly if the temperature is too cold.

  4. Super bee photos - seeing more here too :)

  5. Thank you all so much for your kind comments