Saturday 28 April 2018

No Pressure, No Pressure

When you are like me, you do feel pressure to be always wanting to do stuff, or be seen to be wanting to do stuff. To be active. To be interesting. To be fit.

I was great at it last week when the weather was warm and dry, but this last  three days, motivation has been hard to find during these last days of my time off, and I feel guilty about it...I feel I should be it Attenborough reserve like I'd thought about, or walking around Southwell.

In the end I sorted out a lot of rubbish in my flat, and sat writing on my very very old internet incapable 14 year old laptop. And felt fine.

Today, I just wandered around, photographing strange Italian TR7 knock offs, or off road vehicles outside posh flats that will never go off road in their lives. I wondered what the little white flowers were that were like little white harebells, and thought about the crumbling back of the Corn Exchange, another building that has been allowed to go rot in this town.

On the exercise bike in a bit as I feel fat.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 28.04.18


  1. I loved those photos. If you look you see.

  2. What a sad building.
    but good photos, no idea what the flowers are, I'll look them up in a book


  3. Each image tells a different story.
    I like the one of the neglected building.
    I wonder what will happen with it over time?

    I don't know what the little white flower is. Now I am intrigued.

  4. A steel band sheltering from the rain - that just about sums up our Spring!

  5. Like the red bus parked by the house. It has ribbons on - a wedding or something?

  6. The wee flowers are Lady's Smock (one of the foodplants of Orange-tip caterpillars).

  7. Thank you Dean, and thank you all for your comments!