Saturday 7 April 2018

Spring Sprung Today

It has taken a while to get going, but Spring arrived for me today with temeperatures in the teens, finally, and a spot of sunshine too. No swallows or martins to be seen yet, but yesterday I saw my first hairy footed flower bee of  the year, and today while I had a really good 9km cross country run I came across a beautiful female tawny mining bee, and heard my first singing chiff chaffs in Sconce Park.

They weren't singing very well, sounding a bit wheezy and off key, but singing they were.

Spring has thus arrived.

I intend to make the best use of my favourite time of the year I can. Sadly our cricket ground is underwater however. Spring forgot that part of my world.

I have a tent to test, and gear to check out, and some trips out of town to do. My world is so small it hurts sometimes.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 07.04.18


  1. And today it's raining again! But spring was nice while it lasted!

  2. The flowering current bush looks well ahead of those round here but at least I got one walk yesterday where I didn't need to wear a coat as the temperature topped 15C.

  3. Glad to see Spring has finally arrived - lovely flower photos Simon.

  4. Springy here yesterday too- heard my first blackcap yesterday then saw one in the garden eating ivy berries this morning. It'll soon be cuckoo time. They've been heard in Hampshire already this month. Yay for the bees, and I love that photo of primroses with the church (?) in the background. Nothing wrong with a small world- bet you know more of it than most, with the attention you have for nature. You realise just how big a small world is then.

  5. How wonderful! Spring is a little bit late here, but we're getting there.

  6. Thank you all for your kind comments. Very different sort of day today, cold and damp and life sapping