Monday 2 April 2018

Species Turnover again in the Cemetery

No running today, just went walking for an hour and a half in the afternoon after the rain stopped - I'm told we had a spot of snow first thing - just to see what was about now.

It's another time of change wildflower wise. The crocuses reached a peak a couple of weeks ago, and then just went virtually the moment after they fully opened their flowers for the first time. The glory of the snows were even more ephemeral  - although present they are now past their best and will probably be gone altogether in a week.

The daffodils are now rampant in the cemetery, and in the area by the ditch the primroses are now out and will soon be carpeting that little area. In the ditch itself, I can  see the broad wild garlic leaves, but no flowers.

The almost plastic looking hyacinths are out to join their grape cousins, and coltsfoot is now flowering by the lake off the cycle path.

I hate it when a species of flower goes past its best then disappears. But this is the way of things.

Eventually, after I'd gone home and fixed myself pork and noodles, the sun actually came out and I looked up to look for hirundids. But it is far too soon around here.


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  1. The tulips and grape hyacinths are well ahead of ours, plenty of daffs though.

  2. Daffs, my favourite. But, alas, they are here for three weeks, beauty.

  3. What a beautiful cemetery, so neat and tidy and full of spring flowers.
    I love the primroses.

  4. A beautiful selection of flowers in the cemetery.

  5. Another three weeks for swallows round here I think Si.
    Lovely flowers in your churchyard.

  6. Thank you all, they always let the wild flowers grow until June before cutting back