Saturday 31 March 2018

Bark and Moss

I don't have a lot  for you today, the weather has been terrible, and I've been terribly tired again.

Normally I don't mind walking i the rain, but today a terrible lethargy was upon me again. The strange goings on around the lakes and the cycle track has also been very off putting - two men have been bailed over Friday's shooting.

No doubt things will be ok tomorrow. I had a good active day yesterday, so not all is lost. Tomorrow will be better. God, soon there must be better weather; I have a tent and all sorts of bits and bobs to test out, and that walk in Nottingham to do.

Frustrated! This weather is no good for nature  spotting!


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 31.03.18


  1. Lovely photographs as usual Si - it also struck me what super names your title would be for a couple of Border Collies.

  2. Si I just sat looking at the map around Newark. When I was a child my aunt lived at East Markham and we spent holidays there - going from Lincoln (I lived just outside) to Retford on the train and then a branch line to Texford. We used to get off there and walk on the 'cinder path' to East Markham. Often my Dad and I would walk from East Markham to Dunham Bridge - there was a pub there - Dad would have a pint and I would have a soft drink and then we would walk back home in time for lunch. I wonder if there is still a pub there -for some reason I think it was perhaps called The Sun. All this seventy five years ago - no main busy roads in those days.

  3. Sorry about the place name - obviously I meant Tuxford.

  4. I really don't know Dunham and Tuxford, a bike ride up the A1 doesn't really appeal! Thanks for all your comments

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