Sunday 25 March 2018

Now, here's Springtime!

When I awoke to find that the sky was crystal blue and that mysterious yellow object was actually out,I knew it would be a good day to be out and about. I spent about three hours outside before cricket practice, and it was lovely, although not super mild.

I hadn't gone far when in the space of two minutes a small tortoiseshell and then a brilliant yellow brimstone butterfly fluttered across my path. The brimstone to me is a true signifier that spring has arrived; I hope the forecast cold Easter doesn't make a mockery of this.

In Friary Gardens, honeybees and drone flies were feeding off the glory of the snows, and a huge buff tailed bumble queen thrummed past. There were a few around today.

I was listening out for chiff chaffs, but no sign of that distinctive call in Sconce Park as I wandered through before a sit in the sun and a cup of tea. The smell of the blossom was lovely.

Really enjoyed it out there today. I hope I get to see many such days this year. Sounds a bit soppy I know, but I need days like this. Keeps my head in order.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 24.03.18


  1. We all need days like this. Love your photos.

  2. Snap. I also spotted a Brimstone butterfly fluttering through my garden yesterday. Not so much in the way of tree flowers here yet. Lots of midges flying in the Sunshine.

  3. Lovely to see the signs of Spring and insects appearing. I saw my first butterfly a Comma in the garden this morning :)

  4. I think we all need cheering up after this awful winter Si. That blue is amazing - oh and is that you behind the cherry blossom?

  5. Yes that's me hiding! It was a lovely day.

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