Friday 9 March 2018

Grounds for Grounds

Just a short post tonight; the birds have been very busy on the works feeders today, and I noticed a long tailed tit gathering nesting material from the roof of an ugly little electrically related shed on our site.

It's been pretty mild today after a frosty start, but there haven't been any insects at work, at work. Lots of rabbits out to play however, some rather frisky looking ones at that.

Happy to report we have new environmental initiative on campus. The canteens are giving away their used coffee grounds to gardeners as fertiliser. Apparently at our business this would save 6.7 tons of landfill a year, and lock away greenhouse gases.

I grabbed a bag for my stepfather. Think I'll get some for the Polish lady next door who tends to a veritable jungle!



  1. Apparently coffee grounds are slightly acidic, rich in nitrogen, good for plant growth, suggested as good for plants like tomatoes.
    Didn't see them myself but a visitor said my heather plants were buzzing with bee activity yesterday.

  2. What a super way to re-cycle - a great idea. Do hope your cough is getting better.

  3. Still coughing a bit but less dry and painful

  4. Oh dear, I hope that feel better.