Sunday 4 March 2018

And then the Thaw

Well, finally we've had a day where my hands don't turn purple the  moment they are exposed to the air. It's been a busy time, if not for purely nature reasons. Yesterday was our works masque party which I had been slightly involved in organising, and I had to work it on the door for a couple of hours before having a few quiet rum and cokes and peoplewatching.

I didn't really do much talking sadly, find big social occasions all a bit overwhelming. I think people enjoyed it though.

Hopefully tempeatures will rise now and spring can get a bit more on track - I've noticed that the weight of lying slow has flattened some of the crocuses and the glory of the snows. Oh for a bit of warmth and the insects back out, make a feel a bit better.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 04.03.18


  1. Bees were out here yesterday, so there’s hope!

  2. Our snow has nearly gone and its raining today so that will help it on its way.

    Love that church spire in the mist.

  3. Much milder here today and most of the snow has gone. Lovely photo of the little irises.

  4. those little blue iris are exquisite.

  5. Thank you all, was actually springlike here this morning

  6. Bees were out here yesterday, so there’s hope!

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