Wednesday 7 March 2018

Striking Clouds

Well, I've very much gone down with a heavy cold after all that resistance sapping exposure to cold weather last week. As ever, the acheyness and heavy headedness recedes a little after a couple of days, to be replaced with a near paralyzing cough. I have had severe coughs on average twice a year ever since I can remember, right back into childhood.

I have no idea why they get so bad.

Luckily when I do rhythmic exercise it doesn't seemso bad - I'm okwhen I'm cycling for real or on the trainer. However, as soon as I stop I sound like  a 19th century TB sanitarium.

Work has therefore been a pretty embarrassing experience, as folk can hear me coughing nearly all the time, even if I go and hide outside. But, as ever, I made it through the day, a day where I watched buzzards from the office window, and behind them a small echelon of pink footed geese heading NE< migrating home to breed.

Oh, and some great cloudscapes.


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  1. Cloud watching - a perfect occupation when you are feeling a bit under the weather.
    The forecast is for springlike weather by the week end so hope that chases you cough away Si.

  2. Bloody hope so! My cough was better today until I went into the lab and breathed in a load of cardboard dust. Ugh.

  3. a perfect occupation when you are feeling a bit under the weather.

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