Friday 16 March 2018

Dog People

We have been doing a lot of charity work this week, in my own Tourettic and so slightly (very) chaotic style I have been raising money for the local guide dogs group.

This involved lots of people dressing as a guide dog. Luckily not me, I would melted and the suit would have to have been disinfected. Even trying the head on was boiling. So I am eternally grateful to the four people who wore it yesterday between  10am and 4am.

We had some real guide dogs too!


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  1. I bet you all enjoyed every minute of it. Well done!

  2. It is a fabulous charity. My father was losing his sight several years before he passed away.
    He had begun to find life so difficult.
    There is a long waiting list for these beautiful dogs.

    Well done Simon.

  3. I am definitely a dog person but I too draw the line at wearing a dog suit Si

  4. That dog suit is now very manky and sweaty I think! We raised a god bit of mnoey so it was ok!