Tuesday 20 March 2018

Pink Footed Goose having a Stretch

The pink footed goose that has moved onto the Balderton Blue Lake was very obliging yesterday when it came to a photo opportunity. It grazed off the grass with its two companion geese, a canada and the greylag it has been inseparable from since it arrived.

As well as here, someone claims to have spotted the same bird on another water about 15 miles away, declaring it as a "feral" and therefore not a real pink footed goose you can claim to have ticked off, rather a sort of pretend bird because it lives on a farm or ornamental lake.

Well I was happy enough to see it, I've never seen one other than miles up in the air in a loudly honking echelon, and this one gave me a chance to get some half decent photographs as it had a dainty little stretch.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 20.03.18


  1. That's life. An individual who has the nous to escape and strike out on its own is less admired than those who follow the herd.

  2. Whatever Si - it's a magnificent specimen.

  3. The Geese are beautiful, long life to them.