Tuesday 27 March 2018

Primrose (Four Different Ones)

With apologies to Pink Floyd for the title...

Back into my working week with a slightly soggy commute this morning and  not a whole lot to see. I've been working on a cycling project at work that will hopefully prove very beneficial. I've been doing a lot of reading and writing outside of it, despite a shot space bar on my chromebook.

My folks' garden has come to life recently, with a camellia that seems to have been flowering since Christmas and is even more rampant now, and primroses growing around the verges.

There four different colours in bloom, and very nice they look too. I can't think if pollinators are all that hot for them, but  I haven't really  had a close look yet. Hopefully we will see in the coming fortnight once get this irritating new cold spell out of the way.

Just need a bit  of warmth so we start cricket practice outside.


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  1. Difficult to be thinking about cricket at the moment though I see that Camb Univ start their first game (against Notts) this coming weekend. Some weather-tampering is what's needed!

  2. I love the ones in wild, thanks Si.

  3. Lovely flowers! We still have snow on the ground.

  4. Voles are partial to primroses.

  5. Love Camelia but cannot grow them here, soil isn't right.
    Love those pale native primroses.

  6. A really beautiful camelia - our neighbour has one with red flowers which always seems to flower well before ours which has white blooms.

  7. This camellia just seems to flower forever