Monday 26 March 2018

Ladybird Ladybird

Was trundling around the library gardens this morning, bright but again like yesterday not super mild, looking for butterflies to snap.

A small tortoiseshell did flutter by, but it didn't settle so there was no chance to get a photograph - nectar  sources not exactly numerous at the moment in the library area so the butterfly evidently thought it was best to keep moving.

However, it became quickly apparent that the whole place was full of 7 spot ladybirds trying to keep out of the wind while staying in the sun to warm themselves up. One little hedge plant was totally full of them, and not a harlequin in sight.

In general it was a little colder today, and so there weren't quite as many insects to be seen. I ran 9km in the afternoon - it was only meant to be 7 but the lady in Asda messed up my electricity key payment - and I didn't hear a chiffchaff either.

That can only be a matter of days though.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 25.03.18


  1. I've only seen one insect up to now, aside the spiders haunting our house. It was a fire beetle, as we call the locally. They are the same colour as ladybirds and like to walk along the ground one behind the other.

  2. How nice to see, still haven't seen a butterfly. Have seen a Queen Bumblebee, like you said there is not much food about for them. Some years the Blossom is out on the trees by now.
    Amanda xx

  3. Plenty of blossom about, but not in the library gardens. Sconce Park is full of it

  4. lovely photos, specially the top one

    I've only seen one butterfly so far this year....

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