Thursday 25 January 2018

Death by Pie

Have really not felt well today, poleaxed by a pie, a chicken pie that looked like slurry with pastry on top. I shouldn't have eaten it really, but I struggle not to eat food - lol - and down it went.

Suffice to say, if it looks bad, it probably won't do your body any good, and so it proved. I'm still not 100% now, but I've still done 45 minutes on the exercise bike, if feeling a bit weak.

Yesterday I was lucky. I got to work a few minutes before Storm Georgina or whatever her name is passed through. 15 minutes later, the most powerful wind and rain burst slashed through our campus, and the poor people still cycling to work in it. My colleague Kat came in like she'd been through a car wash, and had to borrow a load of gentleman clothes for the rest of the day. The wind just howled and wouldn't let up, driving huge raindrops sideways.

Never seen anything like it.

However, the rain did eventually stop so I could get out and about on our campus, and I found myself having a lovely 5 minute close encounter with a goldcrest. The little bird approached me to about a metre, "seeeeeping" about as it combed the lichen with its beak, totally unafraid, as they always are, of my human presence.

Ah well, one always has to pay for a joyful moment. Bleurgh.


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  1. I haven't eaten pie for nearly 20 years, since my own Death by Pie experience when I was on holiday in England and foolishly purchased and devoured a warmed up steak and kidney pie that left me sick as a dog. Today is one of my 3 x weekly running days. I hope it doesn't rain too hard. Showers are in our forecast.

  2. By some freak of geography that heavy rain passed either side of my village and though we got some rain it was nothing like the downpour that occurred just 1/2 a mile down the road. A pity as I'd been tracking the approaching storm on weather radar all morning!

  3. We had hail here and then a rainbow. I like homemade pie. Not keen on shop ones, they rarely taste as good. Missing goldcrests here, haven’t heard or seen one in a while. Such lovely little birds. We have got the female Brambling still in the garden though. She’s been here since November.

  4. It was an awful day, quite depressing.

    Hope you feel better soon Simon. Well done exercising not feeling that great.

  5. I do love your little encounters with birds.

  6. THank you all, was just a single day upset, fine and running now!

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