Sunday 14 January 2018

No Fields of 'Fares

I went for a seven mile walk today, going the back way into Coddington to see if there were any fieldfares in the field by the windmill, which is where I have seen large flocks of them in the past.

Of course, they all heard that I was coming, and packed their luggage and headed off for anywhere that I wasn't.

But walking in the countryside is never wasted time; I coast along, listening to the radio and taking in the sights. There wasn't a lot of nature, but there were a lot of cyclists; full club chain gangs swishing past at speed, couples in black pootling along on his and hers Treks, folk on mountain bikes, a guy struggling up Beacon Hill at barely walking pace against the steep slope.

I was glad not to be riding myself because of the cold, but it was great to see all the cyclists out. Balls to all those who moan about them - all these bikes were sporting blinking lights as recommended these days.


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  1. Yes always good to be at one with nature Simon.
    I pass many cyclists on my walk with Nella. Have always found them to be polite and it is rare not to get a friendly 'Good Morning'

    Nice images, show us the landscaping and architecture in another park of UK

  2. It looks a very lovely walk with lots of interest to see even if there were no Fieldfares.

  3. I usually love to walk in the morning. I feel fresh and relaxed by inhaling the fresh air and seeing many beautiful scenery. Lovely pics:)

  4. Looks a good walk. I agree with you - great to see so many cyclists out these days!

  5. Thanks all, glad you enjoyed this post!