Saturday 13 January 2018

The Aconite of Friary Gardens

Saturday. Exhaustiday.

Yep, I've been sleeping for most of the day again, and done nothing much of the todying I wanted to do, and got little exercise in although I'm still showing 10,000 steps on my counter.

Today has been mostly about getting my hair savaged. Job done, and the preceding hour long hot bath was extremely awesome indeed. I love reading in the bath, which is bad news for books really. Especially if you are prone to dozing off like I am.

The short walk I did have took me to Friary Gardens to give you a special aconite post, as they are now just starting to carpet the ground in their favourite spot. Love these little yellow fellows!


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  1. Aconite is a species i've yet to see.

  2. I had many aconites and snowdrops at the farm. How I miss them.

  3. Love the aconites and snowdrop photos - not seen any out yet round here.

  4. THank you for commenting all! THere's not really any in any other locations in town

  5. I can also tick a squirrel sighting, but am 'jealous' of those snowdrops and aconites... such welcome harbingers of better days to come... Happy new year! (belatedly...).