Saturday 27 January 2018

The Mild Front Passes Over

The day started freezing cold as I went to see the aconites in Friary Gardens - now nearly at their maximum spread, but not yet completely opened out. I supermarketed, disappointed to find the impossibility of buying stuff without plastic packaging.

Even on the market, fruit and veg is sold in plastic bags. Or indeed, fat balls for my feeder which I'm restocking ready to do big garden birdwatch in Monday. Horrible, flimsy, blue plastic bags. I have a feeling paper ones are going to come back into fashion rather soon.

After lunch, I got out for a run just after sunset, and the temperature was much warmer, as were the colours - the clouds had cleared apart from a few that allowed themselves to be lit beautifully by the hiding sun. A flock of long tailed tits flew in time with me as I ran along the side of Balderton Blue Lake, where the ducks and geese had gone to bed on the stretches of bank where people don't go.

Runningwise, by the way, I'm very out of form after the lay off. I did 6km tonight and it as a struggle and I've been left fairly stiff again. Hopefully I will improve, and so will my irritating ankle.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 27.01.18


  1. I love the red bleeding sky, beautiful.

  2. Simon - you are absolutely right on the Bird Count date front... and I have changed my blog accordingly. I'm grateful you pointed out that we have until 29th.

  3. Nothing gladdens my heart more than aconites. I had a lot at the farm and when the lady who lives there called the other day (she has no interest in gardening) I asked her if they were out under the sitting room window. She replied that she thought they were crocus!!

  4. So lovely to see all those aconites and beautiful photos of the red sky :)

  5. Lovely aconites. We don’t seem to get them here. Hopefully time will sort the running gremlins. Boo to plastic bags.

  6. It's been even better today, plenty to show you.