Sunday 7 January 2018

Well there's a Giant Pole

Angler on the River Devon today, fishing with a pole so large it reached virtually across the river in a move I'd consider to be distinctly unsporting. But he wasn't catching anything; it was an older chap with a much smaller rod who was catching some little dace, I think it might have been.

Really cold today, but bright and very pleasant to sit out having a large cup of tea at Rumbles. A lot of great tits in the trees today, and the redwing were raiding the cotoneaster near my home from a high tree again. Always they wait until people are safely out of the way, before swooping down for these C-list berries.

I've just completed 45 minutes hard exercise bike and shortly, back and stomach exercises. 12000 steps also on account. Got to get fit again.



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  1. I do love the statues, they are unique.

  2. There seems to be some sort of competition amongst anglers to see who can amass the most equipment. I suppose it brings some interest to an otherwise tedious pastime. Nice sculptures.

  3. I do like those wooden sculptures :)

  4. Don't know the River Devon Si but presumably we are still in the Newark area.

  5. THanks all! Pat yes, this is Sconce Park in the main.

  6. Love those carved figures. I hope I can find someone to have a go at carving that tree stum of mine.