Monday 22 January 2018

Risking Another Gentle Run

I've been out twice today, visiting the park WHERE THE CAFE WAS SHUT and a TV crew were filming out of a VW camper for some reason, and then in the afternoon I had a gentle - in reality laboured and heavy legged - 6km because I'm fed up of all the little niggles that are stopping me keeping fit outside, an indoor bike is no substitute.

I suppose if I fished, fitness wouldn't be a problem, but I doubt I'd burn many calories. The three guys angling on the Castle stretch of the Trent didn't seem to be exercising their arms lifting any fish out, or indeed move at all. They sat motionless, looking at their motionless float on a motionless flat calm river.

I bet the fish were torpid, hanging out in their fishy beds and doing absolutely nothing.

My run was the tour of the two lakes, and I didn't really see anything interesting on the water - no goosander, no pochard, although the male great crested grebes are now in their full breeding get up. The trees next to the main path were lively with redwing again - beautiful birds that have are continuing to ground feed after stripping the berry trees bare.

For some reason, London Road Pond has become the go to place for all manner of weird hybrid and farmyard ducks to visit. I wonder what's brought them all into town - are the farms not up to their exacting standards this time of year?


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  1. Great news on the run. Love the ducks. Looks like a Muscovy in amongst them.

  2. Have you seen the amount of equipment that's necessary to catch a fish these days? You'd probably be risking another injury.

  3. The two muscovy appeared first, then the other farmyard birds seemed to follow them! Thanks for your comments. Fishing is an expensive hobby these days

  4. Nice to see the VW bus, not a beetle though, 1965ish, nice times.

  5. The ducks are wonderful, what a great variety of plumages

  6. I love the camper van.....a passion of mine :)

    Blue boat on river....great image.

  7. Yes we have a busy little flotilla of working river tugs and dredgers here!

  8. If you ever get to Pendle Hill area be sure to go to Downham. Queen Mary said the view from the church steps is the finest in England. At least there's a plaque to that effect. In Downham it's like your bottom photo. Lots of ducks wandering about. You might see some of my running club colleagues training on Pendle Hill. They like to run up and down the steep slopes.