Wednesday 10 January 2018

Murk and Mushrooms

Today and yesterday have been entirely the same; days where you never could tell if the sun had risen, set, or was overhead in the bloody sky. The only difference was there was enough rain this morning to mean I had to deploy the sexy kagool on my ride to work.

Last night, I noticed bracket fungi on the trees by the library, trying to capture them in the dark while a mad robin tried to sing somewhere.

I wonder when I will hear the first blackbirds sing? That can't be far off.


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  1. Your bracket fungi look a lot like Oyster Mushroom (see but I'm not great at fungus ID, so if you eat them and die, please don't blame me! Also, huzzah - a selfie! :)

  2. I'd agree with the fungi being Oyster Mushroom.

  3. Cars driving through my village at mid-day with headlights on. Not as dazzling as that cagoule though! :)

  4. In no way am I going to eat those things in a million years!

  5. I have heard one Si on the one nice sunnt day we had. It cheered me up no end.

  6. I love mushrooms, apart for eating, they are a pleasure to watch them.