Wednesday 31 January 2018

A Weekend Miscellania

I love the word miscellania. It creates a feel of sophistication over my blog it probably doesn't deserve...

These pictures were taken on Monday, after I'd done my RSPB Birdwatch and headed out for a trot slash walk around the lakes, where I saw the goosander and the egret but had killed the battery on my bridge camera and missed the chance to take a really good shot.

It's too strong to be Murphy's, this is a case of Sod's Law.

But you must always love the aconite and the sun across the water.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 31.01.18


  1. I'm very fond of the word "serendipity" which a friend once described as a posh word to mean "wandering about and bumping into things". Lovely photos despite the lack of the big camera.

  2. Lovely Crocus (I assume) colouring. Another nice rainbow shot.

  3. Lovely photos and as always love the display of aconites :)

  4. Thanks, I like to to be out a lot so I can tain my ability to see out of the corner of my eye!