Monday 8 January 2018

The Running Man Runs Again!

Utterly fed up with inactivity and my my increasing weight, I just decided "Sod it! I'm going running" this afternoon, and just got out there with baggies on and my long unworn yellow running top, and did 7km.

It wasn't the fastest 7km I've ever done, but I need to do it like mad.

I was worried about my ankle, but that seems to have stood up to it ok. Got a bit of a sore groin though.

In other dull fitness news I've taken to doing press ups, sits ups, leg raises, and some daft thing for my back involving adopting a sort of superman position and raising one arm and one leg. I'm hoping it will help with the upcoming cricket season. God only knows if it will though.


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  1. You know, what we all need now is a before and after pic. Any chance we get to see what you look like????

  2. Just take it easy on that ankle, especially if it's icy! Glad to hear it all went well.

  3. Great news you’re running again. I recognise the exercises- they’ll help your running too.

  4. Thanks all, it's a bit sore today but no worse!

  5. I think Jeff Galloway's Run-Walk-Run method has much to commend it. I have two of his books. When I suspect there's an injury coming on I sometimes revert to it. I can't remember if there's anything from him on YouTube. I imagine there could be.