Saturday 20 January 2018

Reed Buntings, Leeks and Mushrooms

Two walks today, a late morning and afternoon one. 18,000 steps in the bank. A floor workout to come.

It was raining this morning, but that didn't bother me, as I've said before if it isn't torrential I find it rather refreshing. It certainly made the plants look almost appetising, with big shiny droplets on their leaves. Red campion, daisy and red dead nettle have joined the blooming party now.

A raiding party of redwing made their way in the cemetery today; with berries now hard to come by, they were hacking amongst the leaf litter at ground level. There must have been about 30 birds or more, but they never let you get too close, compared with their less timorous blackbird cousins. The white eye stripe however is distinctive quite a way off, more so than your actual red wing.

A real surprise was encountering a flock of reed buntings on the muddy path behind Grange Road. I saw a number of birds a way off, but couldn't get close for a while until I came across a solitary bird that was hanging back behind the others. From behind, they look rather like house sparrows, but the black head and moustache rather gave it away. Pleased to see it, obviously doesn't like reeds in winter though!

I've cooked tonight, a sort of throw it in the pan concoction of leeks, mushrooms and bacon. Could only get the leeks without plastic. This is going to be very hard indeed.


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  1. Really feels much better this time of year as we start to see flowers everywhere. Mild here in Devon.

  2. Love the aconite photos - really makes you feel Spring is on its way :)

  3. The aconites are stunning and much welcome this time of year.

    Hope you enjoyed your meal.

  4. Thanks all, very different sort of day today!