Sunday 28 January 2018

The Insects were up Today

I knew I'd see insects today, it was just too warm and occasionally bright not to. It was a case of when and where, and the reflection that all these honey and bumblebee reports I've seen on twitter are just so early in the year.

I've never seen a bee in January. Until today.

It was when I was walking to the park for a cup of tea. I was too warm in a hoodie and jacket; it was evidently thus warm enough for the honey bee I saw feeding off someones aconite in their garden, sadly too far off to photograph. While I was having my cup of tea, insects were drifting by with nothing to feed on - the pansies in the baskets are no use to anyone - and then when I went past the sheltered accomodation a queen buff tailed bumblebee was trundling bulkily through the grass.

I was so tempted to jump over the low wall and run around on the lawn chasing after it to take pictures, but fear of the old folk police prevented me from doing so. They are well known for their brutality.

I knew where I might have a chance however - the sunlit castle grounds, and the crocuses therupon. And I was right, but how I thought. There were no bees here, but there were hoverflies about, feeding on the crocuses and a very early dwarf iris that was peeking up under a tree. One was a drone fly I think, the other a much smaller character.

Spring is on us. For now. And how early it is!


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 28.01.18


  1. Why oh why did i move up North. What i'd give for some Invert activity but it's just too Wet, windy & baltic up here in Glasgow!

    1. You should try it up here on Skye, not sure I've even seen blue sky or the sun yet this year :D

    2. Hahaha...i musn't grumble then, at least we saw the sun today

  2. None spotted here in spite of the 15C temp.

  3. Lovely to see the insects starting to appear. None round here at the moment!

  4. Thanks for your comments all, not a smiliar day today! All been a bit rubbish.