Saturday 1 April 2017

First Hoglet of the Year!

I was walking home last night, when my eyes picked up a dark blur of movement from the small park near my home.

I knew straightaway it was a hedgehog, it's how I spot them! The surprise was that it was so small, only a little hoglet who has presumably made it through its first winter and is now out on the prowl for food.

Hopefully I will see a lot of hedgehogs this warm season, they seem to have been doing well locally the past couple of years.

Today I went out for a very slow and gentle walk, not wishing to strain my leg, and came across various pretties on the way round, listening to Liz Kershaw's 6 music show with an interview with the always very charming Marc Almond. It was mainly grey, so no butterflies but a few bees kicking around, including the slightly tired female flower bee I've photographed below.

I was slightly tired too, when I got home so I had a bath lasting an hour!


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  1. Lovely Hoglet :). I can't remember the last time I saw a hedgehog.

  2. Great to hear about and see the lovely hedgehog. That's great if they're doing well around you.

  3. Thank you! Looking forward to keeping an eye on how our local hogs go on this summer

  4. I really miss the Hedgehogs which used to visit my garden.