Friday 21 April 2017

Once again, Valerian Corner

It erupts from the ground as if raised by magic. One day it isn't there, and the next day it's erupted.

It first appeared on its corner in Farndon, the red valerian beloeved of bees and hummingbird hawk moths, three days ago. A few plants, red flowers not properly emerged.

Today when I ran past, the amount of it had tripled, and more and more colour had appeared.

The lungwort maintains its solitary vigil.

The cat in the sky looks down on it all.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 21.04.17


  1. I just cannot believe that everything is so much further on with you than it is here Simon - our lungwort is out but clemantis only just in bud and not a sign of valerian yet.

  2. Must be down to the thermoclimes or whatever they call them!

  3. Lots of Lungwort flowering here Simon but no sign yet of Valerian flowers - I love that plant in our garden always so full of insects and it reminds me of holidays in Cornwall where you see loads of the plants :)

  4. Thanks, I bet it will be even more vigorous when I visit it next week