Friday 7 April 2017

The Wild Garden

My parents have just returned from taking my sister to her new life in Bristol, and so I went round to meet them when they came back, after a bright but slightly chilly cycle home from work.

I haven't really had a chance to look over their garden lately, but in my mind, it is beautiful. I'm sad that the bee hotel and bird box never seem to have got any visitors - the naughty cats next door seem to have wiped out any chance of having any birds nesting over. But is still a lovely wild spot, that my mother moans endlessly about, but I think is great.

I urge caution when it comes to my stepfather's harassed mowing, digging and pruning, while my mother watches with the same expression she does when she supervises him making christmas dinner.

But so far, he hasn't done any mowing, and consequently the garden is sporting primrose, common dog violet, lesser celandine and a spanish bluebell! The sun dazzles through the trees. It is beautiful.

Any warmer, and it would have been Pimms time.


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